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GUARANTEED LEADS FOR YOUR home services company

Hey there! We’re Rainmakr. Think of us like a tactical team highly trained to do one thing: make the phone ring for your home services company.

We blow up your phone (in a good way).

The problem home services companies face


Look, running a home services company is hard. Rainmakr keeps your pipeline full so that you can book appointments, create happy customers, and stop worrying about where your customers are coming from (and how much it’ll cost to get them). 

How do you do 5 full-time jobs without cloning yourself?

What makes us qualified to do this?

We’ve done it before and we do it for ourselves. We’re the weirdos who actually love getting out there and generating new business. So much so that we built a company that ONLY does that, using the techniques that we used to build our own company and other home services companies. See some case studies here

Let’s schedule a call! Worst-case scenario, you get some free advice.

Best case, we’re a great fit and become friends for life. 

Ready to make it rain?