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Matthew Rescott,
Digital Agency Owner

Really satisfied. These guys have multiplied the investment I paid into their services considerably. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Colin Pierce,

PHENOMENAL, can't recommend more!!! I've had a higher volume of leads in the last 6 months than I have in my entire career (I WISH I was making that up). They're a dream service!

Brady Werkheiser,
Account Director

Rainmakr is great! They helped us identify our target buyers and managed the entire campaign with very little effort on our part. Their team is full of professionals. 

Case studies

Digital Marketing Agency


Services: Primarily paid social and social media management

Clients: 7- and 8-figure businesses

Average deal size: $2.5 - $4K in monthly recurring revenue


Can we book qualified meetings and show a positive ROI?


Leaned into their ROI stats, something that many social media agencies shy away from. We also focused on a very specific consumer product vertical to help speak to prospects' exact needs and pain points.


90 days in, we saw: 

  • 3 appointments per week on average

  • 5 deals closed

  • Estimated $180K deal size

Copywriting Agency


Services: Copywriting

Clients: Small to medium-sized tech companies


Can we start meaningful conversations with decision-makers?


Skepticism that we would "get" their niche since it was very specific and technical.


60 days in, we saw: 

  • 100+ conversations started

  • 11 deals closed

  • Added $5K in monthly revenue

Video Production Company


Services: Video production (mostly branded and TV ads)

Clients: Larger brands

Deal size: Budgets were $250K+ 


Can we start meaningful conversations with decision-makers at these larger budgets and in a relatively short timeframe?


Larger budgets tend to have larger sales cycles, so the short timeframe was always going to be tough.


  • Booked 2 qualified calls the first week.

  • 3 more the first month.

  • Landed one project in the first 60 days that paid for our services many times over.

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